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       ( First of all, excuse my ENGLISH language…I left school for a long time now, but i’ll do my best, hi !!!!!)....



             Welcome on the technical pages of the site. Each project will count one or more pages.

  Remember that we are“newcomers” , and think that « purists » will not be « too hard » with us, hi !!!!!.......


             We didn’t invent anything, just take references on magazines and internet sites ; the goal is to find

designs for “rookies” (the simpler, the better !!!), that will be ok for the first time, and to improve

the system  with actual basic components....


              Don’t hesitate to participate if you have ideas, even send photographs of your stations and


             A page will be made specially for that, to encourage new Oms to begin homebrewing, and to

inform your  neighbours that you are ready for test transmission....!!!!


               In FRANCE, the “journées d’activités hyper” (hyper activity days) are very popular: ATV, 1.2GHZ

 to 76GHZ qsos, and now, why not LASER ????


                A calendar of laser activity now exist on          http://fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/qsolaser/ 

  you can put your next portable opération on it to prevent others that you go out and have fun !!!!!....


              But now, let’s have fun with the technical projects already made :







                  TX 10ghz FM ATV with GUNN diod                                                                  



                  RX laser with photodiode BPW34                                                                     



               *   TX laser phone AMPLITUDE modulation                                                       



               *   Photos of our tests and  démos in SEIGY (dept 41)  en 2004                       



              *   Photos of our démos in SEIGY (dept 41)  en 2005                                         



                 A more sensible receiver : the  « K3PGP »                                                       



                 A new transceiver, easier pointing                                                                    



                 Infrared laser reflexion on a smoking chimney ....                                         



                 21 kms path broken !!!.....                                                                                     




                Now, the record is 60,5 kms during AUXERRE hamvention 2004 !!..        










   Last update :     29/03/2006